Now more than ever consumers are turning to the Internet to find the goods and services they need. Phone books are almost laughably archaic – nowadays people head straight to search engines. In fact, there are about 40,000 Google search queries per second on average. That’s an incredible 3.5 billion searches per day!

Clearly, being found online is essential for any business that wants to grow revenue. But businesses face huge challenges in terms of attracting prospects and retaining customers among all the competition in the online world. The Internet is a busy, noisy place.

Standing out from the crowd, however, doesn’t have to be up to chance. If you thoughtfully develop and implement SEO, or search engine optimization, you can get more eyes on your business’s website. And not just any eyes: a good SEO strategy will bring you targeted leads, meaning prosperity and growth for your business in the long-term. Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons your business needs to invest in SEO:

SEO Generates Leads For Your Business While You Sleep

Once effectively executed, a great SEO strategy will bring you leads passively. While SEO is an ongoing process, you will not need to be sitting at your computer pining after every single link click as you might with paid advertising.

Similarly, SEO doesn’t require the same attention and time sensitivity as social media marketing. (Because let’s face it: even if you are scheduling posts ahead of time, you still want to be around to interact with comments, split test campaigns, et cetera.).

SEO generates leads naturally – and even better, the value of your optimization compounds over time. As more people successfully locate your website through organic search, your authority in your chosen niche grows and your ranking increases.

SEO is Results-Driven, Measurable Marketing Strategy

SEO is not magic; it’s a learned set of skills used to enact a strategy, no guesswork involved.

SEO begins and ends with tangible research. From day one, a great SEO professional will show you how to use target audience research and market trends to be sure you are ranking for keywords in your niche.

After you begin tweaking your website for SEO or go live with a new, optimized site for your business, you can start gathering data on who is visiting your site.

Through Google Analytics, you can view who is finding your site through organic search (including their demographics and location), what pages they are viewing and for how long, amongst other types of data. You will wield an incredible tool for staying updated on what is working and what isn’t.

These insights are measurable and meaningful: you can see who is converting and use that information to alter your SEO strategy and convert even more leads.

SEO Attracts Quality Traffic With High Conversion Potential

If you’ve heard that SEO is dead, it is simply untrue. Organic search is one of the highest converting online marketing strategies out there. In fact, according to Hubspot, 15% of organic search leads were converted to customers compared to 7% from paid search and 4% from social media marketing.

Why is SEO so successful in turning leads into customers? When you rank well in search engines, you attract people who are looking for your goods or services. They already know they need your help – that’s how they ended up on your site in the first place. Converting is easier when people already know they want what you sell. In short, SEO is designed to target the end-users of your product or services.

Similarly, being high up in search results garners credibility for your business. People inherently feel more confident that search results higher up on the page will answer their query better than those lower down, or on the next few pages. In fact, 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results – that’s how much people trust in search engines’ ability to give them what they are looking for.

Be at the top of that list and you’ll attract a targeted audience that trusts you to deliver what they need.

Your Competition is Most Likely Investing in SEO

These days, it is considered standard to invest in SEO as a part of any business’s marketing budget. If you are on page thirty-four of a chosen keyword search and your competitors are on page five, it’s for a reason.

Your competition is constantly looking for advantages over everyone else, including you. By failing to invest in SEO, you are missing an opportunity to get a leg up on your competitors, who have already made the leap into improving their online presence.

Plus, you are up against new competitors every day as new websites are launched and old ones are improved. There’s no reason to not use the tools available to you to get more competitive about your business’s search engine ranking.

SEO is Not a Project, It’s a Program

SEO is not a one-time job; it’s a muscle you will build over time. But don’t worry – with the right training, generating optimized content will become second nature.

You want to be continuously building and tweaking your website, not only to be sure your SEO is performing at its top capabilities given ever-changing search engine algorithms, but also because Google likes websites that continue to update and push out fresh content. (This itself is part of the optimization.)

A smart SEO strategist also takes into consideration changing technological trends. For example, mobile searches are on the rise and will soon outpace desktop searches. People are living their lives on the go and mobile searching doesn’t lend itself to flipping through pages and pages of search results.

Investing in an SEO program means recognizing how you can capitalize on these changes by continuously optimizing your site ultimately bringing in more sales.

It is no longer enough to just have a website – you want to make sure your website can be found.

Investing in SEO is a way to ensure that your business will be discoverable by a targeted audience ready to convert. It will bring you leads passively and its value will compound over time.

Investing in SEO puts you back in the race against your competitors, who are already optimizing their websites. And you will be able to measure and analyze your SEO strategy to see real, tangible results.

So how do you get started? Don’t worry: you don’t need to be an SEO expert to get started. We all started from zero at some point – even the most venerated SEO gurus.

Start by investing in a great SEO professional with the knowledge and experience to guide you on your way to SEO mastery. Of course, the right team will always be there when you have questions but this is your business and you’re at the helm.

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