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“Scott has an amazing ability to explain technical fields of SEO and SEM

Scott has an amazing ability to explain technical field of SEO and SEM in a simple, easily understandable way. The knowledge gathered from his classes were truly helpful, as Scott was able to tie the terminology and theory to real world examples and answer case specific examples with best practice solutions.

Ville Salomaa
Digital Marketing Automation Manager, British Standards Institution (BSI)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Would you like to have a source of traffic that’s Always On?

Organic search is often the last item in business owners’ list of priorities…and that’s a HUGE mistake. SEO can be a powerful marketing technique that just keeps on giving.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Have a budget that you’d like to put into advertising?

There’s no better advertising technique online OR offline than SEM. Extremely targeted ads, well optimized landing pages and an in-depth understanding of customer intent are a powerful mix that only comes with SEM.

Search Analytics

The number one complaint about services search agencies provide? Analytics & reporting.

Ensure that your search efforts are accompanied by a proper measurement framework and the best set of analytics tools.

Search Consulting

Looking to build a world class in-house search team?

I supply strategy consultancy which helps in-house SEO & SEM teams stay up to date with best practice and the latest industry developments.

Mobile First Approach to Everything

We all know that mobile is everything now. No matter what marketing tactic you use, mobile has to be part of the process. Do you have a responsive website? What’s your conversions like on mobile devices? I bet there’s plenty of space to improve so let’s talk.

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As an SEO expert, I’ve had pleasure to work with some of the most amazing companies in the world ranging from small local businesses & entrepreneurs to large brands.

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