About Scott Gabdullin

After eight years of working in an engineering industry for a Fortune 500 company, Scott took his extensive experience in engineering & high tech industry and pursued his passion for marketing, entrepreneurship and SEO. Strategic and analytical by nature, he’s spent the next several years developing and integrating digital marketing solutions for businesses small and large – ranging from mom & pop shops to such brands as Homesense, Marshalls and Winners. Everything he does is about helping businesses grow their revenue.

What I realized was that the way people make purchase decisions was changing in large part thanks to a growing popularity of mobile devices and social media. As a result, the #1 question you as a business owner should ask yourself is:

“Have I changed the way I influence my customers?”

Traditional ways of advertising are no longer enough and any business looking to reach a wider audience MUST break into the digital sphere. But does it mean that newspapers, magazines, radio and in-person networking no longer work?

No, it doesn’t.

To make your business stick to your customer’s mind, you need to have as many marketing channels to funnel your customers towards you as possible. People are now making decisions in-person, from traditional media, on websites, blogs and mobile, and with social media. Start driving results by leveraging traditional marketing while building a strategic all-point online presence with SEO, social media and PPC that is tailored to growing your business.

It’s always been my goal to help business owners like you find solutions to marketing problems you face in your business. It’s all about removing the barriers between business and opportunity, isn’t it?

So contact me today to get a ton of amazing business tips, advice and see if I can help you grow your revenue. Let’s build something amazing together!

Best regards,

Scott Gabdullin

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